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This Tableau Training Will Get You Savvy with One of Today’s Top Data Tools

This Tableau Training Will Get You Savvy with One of Today’s Top Data Tools

Data shapes everything in the world of business, and whether you’re a business owner looking to scale or an employee aspiring to climb the ladder, becoming adept with data analytics is an absolute must. Today, Tableau stands as one of the most important self-service business intelligence tools on the market, and it’s making it easier for businesses to scale efficiently. However, it’s a little more complicated than your standard Excel spreadsheet.

If you want to get up to speed with one of the buzziest data tools on the market, check out The Mastering Tableau Certification Bundle. This five-course bundle is on sale today for just $25 and will elevate you from the foundations to a more advanced understanding of the platform. Here’s what you get:

Mastering Tableau: From Basic to Advanced – A hands-on, beginner-friendly, practical guide to learning Tableau Desktop 2019.

Tableau 10 Desktop Training – Turn complex data sets into functional, attractive data visualizations using real-world examples.

Tableau 10 Business Intelligence Solutions: Vol.1 – Learn how to analyze data more effectively to make smarter business insights.

Tableau 10 Business Intelligence Solutions: Vol.2 – Develop an understanding of Tableau’s more advanced tools to solve more complex problems.

Mastering Tableau 10 – Master the art of visualizing data in a variety of different forms.

These five courses would run over $700 separately, but you can get them bundled as The Master Tableau Certification Bundle for just $25 today.

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